Watch/Listen to Blood Orange’s Soulful Requiem “Sandra’s Smile”

Dec 30th, 2015 in Music


We glossed over so much in this year’s mix.  Apologies especially to multi-talented artist Blood Orange (Devonte Hynes), whose song Sandra’s Smile and video still mattered much at year’s end.  The song is a moving requiem to, among way too many others, Sandra Bland (the 28-year-old woman found dead in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas after being detained for a minor traffic violation in mid-July).

Musically, Sandra’s Smile is flawless, appropriately-moody R&B, with the heart of the matter found (for us) in the saxophone moments.  Lyrically, devastation, inquiry and resolve (lyrics at bottom).  That’s all.

The black and white video is superb.  Bravo!

Sandra’s Smile:

“Who taught you to breathe, then took away your speech,
Made you feel so loved, then shook your hand with gloves?
You watched her pass away, the words she said weren’t faint.
Closed our eyes for a while, but I still see Sandra’s smile.

Can you see it in my face?
Had enough for today.
It’s hard for me to to stay in place unless I force myself awake.

Look, an hour ago, I read Sybrina’s quote.
I mean, why should she forgive?
D’we lose you if, we don’t?”

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