Sufjan Stevens Ain’t The Only One Making Mistakes–Listen to Demo of “Chicago”

Feb 25th, 2016 in Music


Sufjan Stevens’ illuminating (Come On Feel The) Illinoise album celebrated it’s tenth anniversary last year, and to celebrate his label, Asthmatic Kitty is releasing the Illinois: Special 10th Anniversary Blue Marvel Edition, which includes a die-cut, star-shaped 12″ vinyl record based on Chicago’s city flag that includes a stellar demo of song Chicago off the album.  Asthmatic Kitty announced that they are also “selling a slightly less special, misprinted 12-inch version of the song separately. The label on these 2,000 records incorrectly reads 45 RPM. The record plays best at 33 RPM. We made a lot of mistakes.”

Though they are out of pre-orders for the Special Blue Marvel Edition, it will be available worldwide through your favorite local record store.  So go visit your local record store and pick up a star or two. You can listen to the superb Chicago demo below and buy a copy HERE.

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