Meet Margaret Glaspy–Listen to Promising Songs From Her Imminent Debut Album “Emotions and Math”

Apr 8th, 2016 in Music


These are halcyon days for up-and-coming female artists. We wouldn’t be cooking the books if we said that a large majority of the exciting new artists we’ve encountered recently have been women. Whatever the reason, check out yet another promising new female artist in Margaret Glaspy, whose debut album Emotions And Math will drop in June on ATO.  While her songs mine a classic rock vein, Glaspy stamps the songs as her own with her revealing, insightful lyrics, vocal personality and talented guitar playing (America’s answer to Australia’s Courtney Barnett?). Check out the phenom title track (with its clean production) and two other great songs off the album below.  Glaspy is out on tour in support, alighting in California in the next week.  These songs bode incredibly well for Emotions And Math, which you can pre-order HERE.

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