Watch Jamie T. Perform “Power Over Men” on Later…with Jools Holland

Oct 14th, 2016 in Music


Music-curator and impresario Jools Holland continues to hold his captivating battle-of-the-bands contests on his Later…with Jools Holland show on the BBC.  One of our all-time favorite (and criminally under-appreciated in the U.S.) artists Jamie T. recently appeared on Holland’s show and performed his new song Power Over Men (lyrics at bottom) off of his acclaimed new album Trick (which you can pick up HERE).  Here’s hoping that Jamie T. crosses the pond to America again in support of the new album.  His December 2014 show at the Roxy in LA was one of the best shows of 2014 or any other year.  Don’t ya miss him.

Power Over Men:

“In the square, I waited for you
Trick, trick, trick

She’s the eye of the storm born in the city I live
Her vanity’s dressed up as virtue in brogue shoes
In art schools with tattoos upon the skin
She used to make do, but now she makes men
Fall at her feet, weak, their tongues leak, they try to stop talking cause now they don’t make any sense

She was never academic
She couldn’t draw a thing
But she had power over men
She had power over men
She had power over

So I drove to the bar now I’m sipping on gin
I stare into space as the place seemed to get that little bit of something it was missing
As she walked in, I could say she looked good, I could say she’s just a friend
But that would just be me throwing you off the scent, she’s everything an understatement has
She’s under my skin

Like an anesthetic
You’ll never feel a thing
Cause she had power over men
She had power over men
She had power over

But as with any gift, there’s always a twist
She can never really kiss, ’cause there’s never a risk
Like if you never lost, you can never really win
It’s the burden and a cost of a power over…

She had power over men
She had power over men….”

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