Thom Yorke and Wynton Marsalis Dilute and Dent the “Daily Battles”

Aug 21st, 2019 in Music

Send us all of your sad songs. Simmer them in sepia sounds and plate with cris du coeur. We slowly savor each, our daily battles diluted and dented. Left for hope. Listen below: the singer and horn mine the field and bare the path. Enough about your broken heart.

Check out the intertwined tracks below from the soundtrack to Motherless Brooklyn, Edward Norton’s new film.

Daily Battles:

“The lines are drawn
For  daily battles
Trumpet  sound
For daily troubles

Lock your dreams away
You’re  waking up
Enough  about
Your broken heart

You’re  on parade
For daily battles
The other side
It has no face

Upon  its cause
We can’t remember
Enough about
Your broken heart

The lines are drawn
For daily battles
And I can mend
I cannot stop

Lock your dreams away
You’re waking up
Enough about
Your broken heart”

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