The Broken Spoke by Edward Gorey

Mar 20th, 2010 in Books

Our library is a luminous treasure trove, and is perhaps my favorite habitat in our fine town.  While meandering through the stacks looking for how-to-draw books, I discovered illustrator/author Edward Gorey and two of his books:   The Broken Spoke (1976) and Amphigorey (1972).   The books are filled with beguiling and bizarre drawings and comics (alternatingly whimsical and tenebrous), all obviously drawn under the influence of a keen mind and/or the prevalent psychedelics of that era.    The Broken Spoke is an homage to all things cycle-delic.   And given my addiction to all things cycling, The Broken Spoke immediately spoke to me.   Gorey’s drawing entitled Bicycle Worship in the Tediola Archipelago is typical of Gorey’s Two Wheels Good collection.

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