Make a Believer Out of Me

Apr 22nd, 2010 in Music

Like you, we get tons of people asking for our favorite song ever recorded on a phone machine.  And without hesitation, we know that it’s Damien Jurado’s “Ohio” as covered by CocoRosie for Believer Magazine.

In this recording, CocoRosie records Jurado’s great song via a phone machine and adds a concatenating swing to the song, while the lyrics/vocals recall remorseful long distance phone calls re-imagined with a tin cans and string motif.

The lyrics “I’ve not seen my mother in ages, it’s been a long time, a real long time” can indeed stick in the throat of a “home”-sick listener.

Every July/August Believer Magazine (another fine Dave Eggers publication) puts out its Music Issue, including CD.  There’ve been a couple of clinkers along the way, but the tracks are generally special-commissioned performances or offerings, and often featuring unique cover tracks.  Highly recommended.

As for CocoRosie, they too are highly recommended for their other ethereal offerings.  Check out “Ohio” below.

Coco Rose-Ohio

04 Ohio



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