Joseph Arthur–A Protest Song

Oct 29th, 2011 in Music

Joseph Arthur has been one of our favorites for a decade or more.  Comes now, he’s morphed into a protest singer (hey, someone had to try and write a Mission Statement for this committed and soon-to-be-committed commixture that calls itself Occupy Wall Street) .  Check out his new video for his song, We Stand As One (#occupywallstreet), below.  In good ole protest song tradition, it rambles on for a good 8:47.

Joseph has this to say about the song, et. al:

“Protest songs should be open and somewhat naive
They can’t help but reference Bob Dylan referencing Woody Guthrie
They usually speak in somewhat general terms
And to be effective at all, they say things that even those coming from a similar space, may not fully agree with.
They are easy targets for the venom of music critics (because of all the reasons above)
And yet still sometimes
They are necessary
So with that I am happy to present you

We Stand As One.

I hope you love it
Or hate it
Or love to hate it
Or let yourself
Hate to love it
but either way,
In some small way,
I hope that it helps.

– Joseph Arthur

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