Watch Kathleen Edwards Cover Nirvana’s “All Apologies”

Jan 28th, 2013 in Music

Kathleen Edwards put on one of our Best Concerts of 2012.  To get a feel for Edwards’ performance appeal and crystalline voice, check her out below with stalwart standbys Jim Bryson and Gord Tough giving Kurt Cobain’s end-note, All Apologies, a fitting read in London in December.  Note to guitar players everywhere:  if you want to hear how to subtly accompany an artist with brilliant, but chaste, embellishment (instead of showy gunslinging), check out Gord Tough’s perfect “solo” at 2:32.  We could listen to Edwards’ lustrous vocals and the boys’ fine harmonies till the end of time.  And the next time she comes around to your town, don’t you miss it.  The Edwards “Trio” Tour, with talented Sera Cahoone opening, is happening now in a city near you.  Check the dates HERE.

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