On Sunday: Watch Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell and Tyler Ramsey Perform Two Songs Unplugged

Apr 28th, 2013 in Music

The pick of the litter of local shows during the Coachella Heaven/Hell Week (the concert week between the two Coachella weekends when the Coachella bands span out around California) was the Band of Horses show at the Majestic Ventura Theater.  The Band showed up in Ventura with decidedly different setlist (see at bottom) and mindset from their Troubadour show that we caught last Fall.  Out were many of the slower/acoustic moments and most of the songs from last year’s Mirage Rock album, and in was The Big Rock Show.  And they wore it well (see the video at very bottom of the band performing Funeral at Ventura).  The played loud and full-tilt the entire night, only slowing down for a few quieter moments along the way and paying rightful homage to the late, great Jason Molina (with Ben Bridwell wearing a Magnolia Electric Co. t-shirt).   They played all the hits and then some, and it was truly majestic. Bridwell’s voice, even after six months of virtual non-stop touring, is a force of nature, and the entire band was hitting its stride at the Majestic.  Our favorite song of the night was the rarely-performed Blue Beard from Infinite Arms.

To get a feel for Bridwell’s voice, check out Ben and Tyler Ramsey below performing No One’s Gonna Love You for Rookie.  After, listen to the duo eventually (at 2:37) perform the lilting and lovely Everything’s Gonna Be Undone, interspersed with an interview of Bridwell by Rookie.

Ventura Setlist:

For Annabelle
The First Song
The Great Salt Lake
Is There a Ghost
Marry Song
Islands on the Coast
Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
Knock Knock
Everything’s Gonna Be Undone
No One’s Gonna Love You
Infinite Arms
Ode to LRC
The Funeral

Blue Beard
I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost (Jason Molina cover)
The General Specific

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