Watch Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Perform Unplugged and Unadorned

Mar 20th, 2014 in Music


We’ve been earnestly impressed for quite some time by the phenomenal Detroit duo Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr.  With their Beatles- and Beach Boys-isms and inventiveness, their songs are an entire cut above the standard pop rabble currently on display.  And these bright boys always bring the sugared-noise live in particular.  We had, however, grown weary of the amount of added vocal/effects tracks used by the band live, all of which contributed to a canned-set sense.  Don’t get us wrong: we understand the economics inherent in touring these days (what up-and-coming band can afford to tour with more than its core members?) and the need for the synthesized assist.  Still, you don’t want your audience having to always guess what is real and what is just plain Vanilli.  Do ya?

Yet beyond all these added tracks and effects, we knew that these were seriously-talented lads so we recently went looking for unplugged performances sans effects, and were justly rewarded as you’ll see below.  Our hope is that DEJJ will become so (deservedly) successful that they can hire background singers and add instrumentalists and organically take over the pop world’s concert stage.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Check out some their superb unplugged performances below, starting with their sublime cover of Brian Wilson’s God Only Knows and move on from there.  The simplified (though not completely without additions) version of hit single If You Didn’t See Me, Then You Weren’t On the Dance Floor is dramatically improved by subtraction.  And the reality riches don’t stop.  While you’re at it, go over and buy their outstanding recent album The Speed Of Things HERE.  For more samples and additional immersion into the DJEE world, go HERE and listen to a great mix of studio tracks and mixes.

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