Review: Up-and-Comer Elliot Moss at the Troubadour

Oct 20th, 2015 in Music

Elliot Moss

By Dylan McDaniel

Last night Lefort took a trip out to WeHo to catch up-and-comer Elliot Moss perform at the hallowed Troubadour. It was our second Troubadour show in four nights (the last being some unsung band named, umm what was it, oh yeah, The National). While the crowd was very different for Moss, the show was once again musically memorable.  To our ears Elliot Moss sounds like a mix of Baths, Bon Iver, and James Blake, with falsetto vocals, keyboards, electronic beats, and horns all tossed together in a captivating mix. Moss’s first album Highspeeds was a comparatively-subdued album, full of songs about giving up (or fighting that urge), but live at the Troubadour (and backed by a bassist/keyboardist, and drummer) there was no giving up by Moss and crew, with a much more electric and positive feeling in the air. Moss played only five songs, including the excellent Slip and Highspeeds (check out both superb songs below), but made each count. Unfortunately, that’s all the time that was allotted t0 the more-deserving Moss. Rest assured, the next time Moss comes to Cali, he won’t be the opener.  He’ll slip into higher ground.

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