One Word: Kendrick

Feb 16th, 2016 in Music


There are one or two musicians that come along in every era and genre who rise above all the rest.  Dylan. The Beatles. Marley. Springsteen. The Clash. Nirvana. Radiohead. Last night Kendrick Lamar confirmed that he is likely the greatest of this generation. Lamar has repeatedly schooled the competition on record but particularly live (his two performances for Stephen Colbert’s two shows are the stuff of legend).  Watch last night’s Grammy performance below. Lamar gave the performance of a life-time via his medley of The Blacker the Berry (naturally, the POTUS’ fave song) and (our Best Song of 2015) Alright, and back to a brand new song.  Intentional ferocity. That sprayin’ ain’t for show. Wow.

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