Watch Aimee Mann Scoop A Sweet “Goose Snow Cone” And Sing “Can’t You Tell?” on Colbert–Stream Her Impending New Album “Mental Illness”

Mar 28th, 2017 in Music

This Friday the brilliant Aimee Mann will release her highly-anticipated new album, Mental Illness, on Mann’s own SuperEgo Records. It’s her first in five years and one of the best in her nine-album history. The album is perfectly produced and filled with memorable melodies and adroit captures of the mental, modern life. Mann has already revealed the heart-rending, socially-anxious Goose Snow Cone and the masterful keeping-up-with-the-Goldwyns Patient Zero from the album.

Last night Mann appeared on the Colbert Show and, superbly backed by Colbert’s Jon Batiste and Stay Human band, performed Goose Snow Cone. So backed, and replete with with strings and backing vocals, Mann gave a memorable performance of the affecting song.  Check it out below. Watch a fantastic version of the song performed on Prairie Home Companion in May (complete with Chris Thile’s mandolin and lovely harmonica).

As an added, web-exclusive Mann was invited back to sing the melodious, malodorous Can’t You Tell?the song she contributed to an anti-Trump project called 30 Days, 30 Songs. About the song, Mann has said: “I wanted to write about Trump in the first person because I think it’s more interesting to speculate on what people’s inner life might be. I had heard a theory that Trump’s interest in running for President was really kicked off at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s dinner when President Obama basically roasted him, so that’s where I started. And my own feeling was that it wasn’t really the job itself he wanted, but the thrill of running and winning, and that maybe it had all gotten out of hand and was a runaway train that he couldn’t stop.” Watch the stellar web-exclusive performance HERE.

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