On Sunday: Watch Telling, Intimate Performances by Julien Baker

Feb 21st, 2016 in Music


A host of upstart female artists are having their sway over our ears these days.  TorresMiya Folick, Alyeska, Eskimaux, Hop Along, etc.  And of course the wounded wunderkind, Julien Baker. Baker fittingly found her way onto many Best of 2015 lists, and her song Sprained Ankle is a particularly affecting gem that was among our Best Songs of 2015.  Check out below three intimate performances by Baker for Paste.

Her lyrics on the first song, Everybody Does, are devastatingly apropos for a Sunday:

“Let me pick through the empty dirt
And the rotten wood and the shoddy work
Cause I’m interested, and our carpenter is so elegant at placing splinters
Right beneath my nails, where I cannot dig them out
But the same briars from your ribs are the tinder in my father’s house”

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  • So looking forward to Friday. You’ll be the first to hear if Julien’s a great live as recorded. And with Phoebe Bridgers opening, it promises to be an exceptional (if melancholy) evening!


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