Watch Elbow’s Official Video for “Gentle Storm” From New Album

Jan 27th, 2017 in Music

Today Lefort-faves Elbow released a new video for temperate new song Gentle Storm in advance of next week’s release of new album Little Fictions. The band has previously graced us with beauties Magnificent (She Says) and All Disco. The new video is an homage to Godley And Creme’s (10cc) 1985 video for their song Cry (which you can view after Gentle Storm). Elbow leader Guy Garvey had this to say about the video, which features, among others, Benedict Cumberbatch, Garvey’s wife Allison Stirling, and the rest of Elbow’s fine members):

“‘Gentle Storm’ reminded me of something but I couldn’t work it out for a bit, the yearning and the sparsity of the sound. When I worked out it was ‘Cry’ I asked the rest of the band if they remembered the video ‘cos it was such a seismic event as a kid. Pete and Mark did but Craig didn’t and I realized that a lot of people wouldn’t know the track or the video even though they were BOTH so important to me. So Kevin Godley is a Prestwich boy and so am I so I thought ‘I’ll be a cheeky bastard and get in touch with him and see if he is up for doing it again for our track.’ It was amazing that he was up for it. We got a load of our friends and family involved so they ALSO are in it. The shoot day was incredible, video shoots can be quite grim but it was such a great atmosphere that Kevin created and the finished film is something we are amazingly proud to be involved with.

And director Kevin Godley had this to say:

“When Guy Garvey called me and said: ‘Would you consider recreating the ‘Cry’ video for our new song ‘Gentle Storm’ I was a bit puzzled. Why would he want something that was already out there? Then I realised… ‘out there’ really meant out there since 1985 and a whole generation or three wouldn’t have seen the original, or have a clue who Godley & Creme were, so to a world of millennials it would probably be ‘who the fuck?’ I didn’t really have to direct anyone – they all became suitably themselves as soon as the camera rolled. Everything felt real, nothing felt forced and there were no fuck ups, no tantrums and no 35mm gates to check as we shot on 4K res digital video. In fact the only difference between this shoot and Cry was the major technological advance of steadying people’s heads with a sink plunger instead of a saucepan.”

Check it out below. Oh, and it’s a spare, very cool song to boot (lyrics at bottom).

You can pre-order Little Fictions HERE.

Gentle Storm:

“I will fly swift and true straight to you, like an arrow
Just to be where you lie
Meet my quest, do my shambling best to be near you
Where you lie
I’ve found peace in your arms

Gentle storm
Rage my way
Fall in love with me
Fall in love with me
Fall in love with me

Counting down, now the clocks reset when I met you
Do we start a new life?
Yours and my spit-shone restless hearts, they were meant to
Beat one time, share one fate
From this day

Gentle storm
Rage away
And fall in love with me
Fall in love with me
Fall in love with me

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