When We Were Young(er)–New Hosannas

Sep 4th, 2010 in Music

Hosannas are coming to Santa Barbara to play Muddy Waters on September 21st.   In advance of their arrival and the impending release of their new John Askew-produced record, the band has just released the first song therefrom, When We Were Young.

With When We Were Young, Hosannas have raised the bar yet again and impressively added to their stellar song list.

The song is an arresting amalgam, update and complication of the best of the 80s music on which we thrived back then.  One hears the influence of Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, Gang of Four and other 80s bands, but Hosannas have made the sound their own with their inventive, vesper vocals and Brandon Laws’ stellar staccato stints on Stratocaster.

“When we were young we would move to this beat; I guess we would move ’cause we needed release.”

Exactly.  This song will make you move ’cause they’ve got the beat.  The propulsion of drums, synth and guitar swept us up.  Put it on replay and enjoy.

Hosannas–When We Were Young

[audio:https://www.thelefortreport.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/When-We-Were-Young.mp3|titles=When We Were Young]


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  • […] Hosannas have just embarked on their “Gigantosaur Tour” (tour dates listed way below) and are coming to Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara next Tuesday, September 21st.  We caught them at the Muddy when they last played there in May.  It’s rare when a band can wow you live when you haven’t heard a single song of theirs prior to attending, but wowed we were by the intelligence, complexity and delivery of this band and their songs.  We highly recommend you attend next Tuesday at the Muddy, where the up-and-coming Gardens and Villa will open.  Touring this time, Hosannas will be comprised only of brothers Brandon and Richard Laws, after a recent lineup change.   Coincident with the tour, on October 12th Hosannas will be releasing their new record “Together” (on their own label, Tree Farm, in partnership with HUSH), which was recorded, mixed and produced with John Askew in Portland at Scenic Burrows Studio and Type Foundry.   To prepare, you can check out their great new song, When We Were Young, off the new record here. […]


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